When it comes to having sex with someone, most of the people think that they already know everything and do not need any advice for great sex. However, it is not true. The scope of improvement is always there. It was for those people who are partially satisfied with their partner. In case you are not at all happy with it, you need to read this blog as I am going to tell you about the secrets of great sex with VIP Chennai escorts or any other girl for that matter.

Tips to Enjoy Chennai Esco

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1. Kick-off with a friendly conversation with your partner. The girl who has come over to provide you some of the luxurious Chennai escorts services needs to know about you so that she could do everything according to your preferences. Also, try to explore her personality so that you do not end up doing stuff that she hates the most.

2. You should move ahead with the steps gradually. Nobody likes to be a part of desperation. When you already know that your partner is there for that ‘thing,’ try not to rush. Spend more time in foreplay. Touch all over her body gently and make her feel loved through your touch.

3. Trying new things can double the excitement. Nothing could be better than blending her experience with your enthusiasm. The output will be surprising, and you will never forget the moment. You can ask her to try something that you haven’t engaged in before, such as customized sex positions.

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